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Visit the deepest gallery image board inside a game

Discover the hell of Dante's from a new perspective.
3Dchan is a hybrid between an online chan board and a first person javascript 3D video game
More than a game, you can exchange and share your pictures, videos and ideas.

Of course you can have fun in hell.

Share artistic photos and video

Share photos or video in the gallery, you will create a thread where everyone can participate.

Earn unit

You can earn units in 3dchan by hanging boards or playing mini games. You can use these units to unlock many features in the game.


unlocking special places and events in game

The units allow you to unlock hidden parts of the circles of hell but also to trigger interactive events.

Hell house

You have just arrived in a haunted house, there is no way out,
the only way you can go is down into the hell of Dante

Limbo circle

The Limbo level is a very important place to save your session and avoid losing your progress.

Greed circle

Spend your units in games to try to earn more.

Fraud circle

The shopping circle, spend your units to get benefits and trigger events.

And more

Take a walk and discover the other circles of hell, many other surprises await you.

circle 0 of Dante's inferno circle 1 of Dante's inferno circle 4 of Dante's inferno circle 9 of Dante's inferno

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